What size watershed is used for a WRAPS?

WRAPS can be applied to any size watershed from river basins to something as small as 100 acres. A river basin WRAPS will likely have less detail than a small watershed, but the general principles are the same. A river basin WRAPS would mostly likely be initiated by state agencies while a small community lake watershed may be initiated by the lake owner. A river basin WRAPS would typically produce a list of priority sub-watersheds contained within the basin that would lead to specific WRAPS projects for these smaller watersheds. Watersheds consisting of a 14, 11 or 8 digit HUC are generally used for WRAPS purposes, although larger watershed may be utilized. The size of the watershed (e.g. HUC 14, 11, or 8) used for a particular WRAPS will depend on a number of factors, such as the water bodies being protected, regional physiographic characteristics and community structure. The WRAPS initiative is intended to assure that watershed action plans developed under this process are consistent and mutually supportive regardless of the size of the watershed.