Priority Scoring Matrix

KDHE Watershed Management Section (WMS), in conjunction with the WRAPS Work Group, has been working to update the WRAPS Priority Scoring Matrix utilized to rank WRAPS projects for funding considerations during our RFP periods.  The primary motives for updating the matrix are to update existing score factors using the most current data, to provide new factors that are consistent with program goals and to remove outdated factors.    With the new matrix, projects will be scored based on their respective State Interest Priority Scoring (SIPS) as well as a new Implementation Score to evaluate BMP implementation and project performance within WRAPS Project Areas.

 KDHE WMS has also responded to the questions/comments that were received as a result of the informational webinars that were held in July 2012 regarding the draft score matrix.  A summary of the comments along with KDHE’s responses can be seen below.

Update - As of December 23, 2013, the new WRAPS Priority Scoring Matrix scoring is complete and ready for distribution.  Please see attachments below.