Clarks Creek Water Quality Project


711 Southwind Drive
Junction City, KS 66441
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General Information

Contact Email: 
Start Date: 
December 31, 2007
Sponsoring Organization: 
Flint Hills RC&D

Geographical Information

Geographical Area / Watershed: 
The Clarks Creek watershed covers 255 square miles extending from Morris County through Geary County and ending at the confluence of the creek with the Kansas River just outside of Ogden, Kansas. HUC 10270101010 and 10270101020.
Water Bodies: 
The Clarks Creek watershed, including Humbolt Creek.

Project Goals & Objectives

Project Goals and Objectives: 
Surface water

Project Achievements

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Description of Project Achievements to date: 

The Project has thus far conducted an informational meeting for approximately 50 landowners and producers on Livestock Winter Feeding Sites. We have provided information about the project by participating in the Geary County Range Tour and through a series of stakeholder meetings held through the watershed. We have provided cost-share for the installation of a native grass buffer around the wellheads of Morris County RWD #1 which are located at the bottom of the watershed. These wells provide water to nearly 1200 homes throughout Morris and Geary County. In conjunction with the other WRAPS in Geary County we sponsored a "Test Your Well Night" at the Geary County Fair.

Project Partners

Project Partners: 

Geary County Conservation District