John Redmond Lake-Neosho River WRAPS Development-Eagle Creek WRAPS Implementation


313 Cross Street 2
Burlington, KS 66871
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General Information

End Date: 
December 31, 1969
Start Date: 
April 1, 2006
Project Manager: 
Mary Lou Ponder
Sponsoring Organization: 
Coffey County Conservation District

Geographical Information

Geographical Area / Watershed: 
Eagle Creek Watershed drainage-HUC 11070201 25; Eagle Creek South-11070201 47
Water Bodies: 
Eagle Creek & Olpe Lake

Project Goals & Objectives

Other Goal or Objective: 
Information & Education to the public on improving the water supply in Eagle Creek through news articles, quarterly newsletters and workshops to implement BMP's and gain a better understanding of the WRAPS program.
Project Goals and Objectives: 
Surface water

Project Achievements

Other Committee Members: 
Kevin Darbyshire Brian Creager Ken Thomas Henry Hoelting
Chairperson Contact Information: 
2690 Reaper Rd NE
Waverly, KS 66871
Phone: 1 785-733-2829
Committee Chairperson: 
Dan Haines
Description of Project Achievements to date: 

*Mailing out quarterly newsletters to stakeholders-informing of upcoming cost-share programs.
*Writing news articles to inform the public.
*Setting up displays at the Lyon & Coffey County Fairs.
*Working with school age children to improve conservation education.
*Held a Fall Workshop on October 24, 2007 to inform landowners of projects & cost-share.
*Held a Field Visit with Management Team & KDHE on March 4, 2008 to show a probable demonstration project to implement several BMP's on the proposed site working towards a Best Management System project.

Project Partners

Project Partners: 

Lyon County Conservation District
c/o Debbe Schopper
3020 W 18th
Emporia, KS 666801