Middle Kansas WRAPS


Phone: 402-813-7691

General Information

Contact Email: 
Start Date: 
August 1, 2006
Project Manager: 
Megan Rush
Sponsoring Organization: 
Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Steams

Geographical Information

Geographical Area / Watershed: 
Middle Kansas River, HUC 10270102
Water Bodies: 
Kansas River, Deep Creek, Vermillion Creek, Wildcat Creek, Cross Creek, Soldier Creek, Shunganunga Creek, Mill Creek, Lake Shawnee, Pottawatomie State Fishing Lake #1

Project Goals & Objectives

Project Goals and Objectives: 
Surface water

Project Achievements

Other Committee Members: 
Dennis Schwant, Shelly Buhler, Mary Howell, Verna Potts, Granville Davison, Molly Schmidt, Sharon Bosse, Doug Helmke, Glenn Brunkow, Roberta Spencer
Committee Chairperson: 
Dennis Schwant
Description of Project Achievements to date: 

The Middle Kansas Development Report has been completed.